Live Now

Every month I meet a new client who is disappointed and/or disillusioned with their life. They have built an empire of wealth, risen to the top of their field, accomplished the impossible, etc. and yet they are miserable. Their life has become about doing and achieving. In the midst of their progression they have lost sight of the ultimate end goal. “The One Thing” as Billy Crystal’s character in City Slickers referred to it.

It may be that their marriage has failed, or their kids refer to them in formalities, or that their ethical blunder has tarnished their reputation, or their job has simply been downsized. Or worse of all, that they have lost their own sense of self. No matter the loss, the end goal should return to front-and-center. The end is what focuses our efforts now.

What is your “One Thing?” Do you remember it?

I encourage you to look at the end goal and remember your “One Thing.” Work yourself backwards from the One Thing to today. reStart living now with your One Thing reFocused front-and-center. Live Now.