3 Ways to Cultivate Humble Confidence

“Confidence is silent.  Insecurities are loud.”  Unknown

A guest post by Jennifer Mathews.

Finding balance in anything is difficult.  We have heard time and again “Everything in moderation.”  It’s easy to nod your head and respond with an enthusiastic “of course” when referring to rich food or alcohol or exercise or TV time or even the balance of “work” and “play.” 

But what about how we’re each hard-wired? 

Some of us are just naturally more confident.  We look at life as ours to conquer and we’re impatient to get to work climbing that mountain.  Others of us possess a richness and depth of humility and patience that enable a decisiveness of action beyond measure.  Both are wonderful qualities.  Both are equally helpful in both personal and professional life.  Both are ultimately necessary. 

What happens when the scales become imbalanced?  When the concept of “moderation” loses it’s luster?  I feel big, I become cocky or arrogant and alienate everyone else who still values the balance.  Inversely, life hands me a difficult situation and I’m humbled to the core and can no longer find the confidence to take another risk, to fight another fight. 

If we’re honest with ourselves, it happens to all of us in big and small ways in every aspect of life.  When it does, how do we return to center?  How do we tip the scales back in the right direction without going too far?  The best shot we have at finding, maintaining, and/or course-correcting the balance of humility and confidence is  three-fold:

Surround yourself with people who will be honest with you.  Remember the tale of the Emperor with New Clothes.  He was naked and no one told him.  Choose your people wisely.

Determine for yourself that finding a balance between confidence and humility is valuable AND worth it.  Because finding and maintaining it isn’t easy and you must be resolved first that it’s important before you can decide to work toward finding it in yourself.

Know that you will fail.  I know, not super encouraging, but the truth is narrow.  Accept it and when you do finding your way back to the center will be easier work. 

The fall from “I’m the king of the world” doesn’t hurt the same if you knew deep down your kingship was fleeting.  Likewise, finding yourself in a dark, discouraging place has a brighter dimness when you know it’s just a matter of time.

All the best in your search to find that balance you need to become humble and confident!! It's the best place to be.

Jennifer Mathews is a product innovator, brand architect, and content curator.  Contact her on Twitter : @jencheriemoore